Disaster Management, Relief & Civil Defence Department
Government of Rajasthan
आपदा प्रबन्धन, सहायता एवं नागरिक सुरक्षा विभाग
राजस्थान सरकार
Order Date
List of Candidates for Interview of Senior Consultant 07-09-2021
List of Candidates for Interview of Data Entry Operator 07-09-2021
List of Candidates for Interview of Consultant 07-09-2021
Roster Register Copy of Civil Defence 29-07-2021
Roster Register Copy of Disaster Management & Relief 29-07-2021
Circular Regarding Natural Calamity Dated 13.07.2021 13-07-2021
Officer Order of Babulal Meena Dated 28.05.2021 28-05-2021
Directions regarding Cattle Camp in Drought Affected Villages Samvat 2077 order no. 4226 Dated 19.03.2021 19-03-2021
Directions related to fodder Depot Sanction for fodder Distribution in Affected Districts Samvat 2077 order no. 4228 Dated 19.03.2021 19-03-2021
Open Bid Invitation Information No. 1/2020-21 Order No. 3981-89 Dated 16.03.2021 16-03-2021
Office Order of Sh. Krishnkaant Meena Regarding Cancellation of Previous Appointment Order Dated 19.01.2021 19-01-2021
Appointment Order of Shri Kaaluram Meena Dated 10.11.2020 10-11-2020
Appointment Order of Shri Krishnakant Meena Dated 23.12.2020 23-12-2020
Appointment Order of Shri Kaaluram Meena Dated 10.11.2020 10-11-2020
List of Item and norms of assistance under SDRF and NDRF 02-06-2020
CD Volunteer Form Format  
Orders of Samvat 2077  
Orders of Samvat 2076  
Orders of Samvat 2075  
Orders of Samvat 2074  
Orders of Samvat 2073  
Orders of Samvat 2072  
Orders of Samvat 2071  
Orders of Samvat 2069  
Orders of Samvat 2068  
Seniority list of Fourth Class Employees 17-05-2018
Lightening as Special Natural Calamity 13-12-2017
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Day 25-09-2017
Constitution of SPDRR - 14 September, 2016  
Removal of Govt. Service Clause in Uttarakhand Package 28.08.2014
Immediate Assistance for Flood Restoration/ Repairs 12.08.2014
Extension of Scarcity Period Samvat 2070 04.08.2014
Immediate Assistance for Flood Restoration/ Repairs 30.07.2014
Emergency Flood Repairs 10.07.2014
Hail Storm Package 2014 28.02.2014
Directions for Goshala Subsidy Samvat 2070 14.02.2014
Directions for Cattle Camp Samvat 2070 13.02.2014
Directions for Drinking Water Samvat 2070 13.02.2014
Notification for declaration of Scarcity Samvat 2070 28.01.2014
Distribution of Input Subsidy 17.07.2013
Directions for Cattle Feed Subsidy 16.5.2013
Directions for Cattle Camp Subsidy 28.01.2013
Directions for Fodder Transport Subsidy 28.01.2013
Direction for Goshala Subsidy 28.01.2013
Directions for Drinking Water Transport 28.01.2013
Frost/Coldwave added in SDRF/NDRF 13.08.2012
Frost & Cold Wave Package 25.03.2012
Gratuitous Relief Period Extension 17.05.2011
Direction for Drinking Water Transportation 18.03.2011
Direction for Fodder Distribution Subsidy 17.03.2011
Direction of Goshala Subsidy 17.03.2011
HailStorm Package 2011 3/8/9.3.2011
State Level Task Force for Medical Arrangements 28.02.2011
Directions for Gratuitous Relief 23.02.2011
State Level Task Force for Fodder Arrangements 23.02.2011
Labour Ceiling for the Month of February 21.02.2011
Declaration for Scarcity Affected 2067 15.01.2011
State Disaster Response Fund Notification 21.12.2010
Guidelines on Constitution and Administration of the SDRF/NDRF 28.09.2010
State Disaster Response Force 25.11.2010
Fire Directions in Summer Season 04.05.2009
Gratuitous Relief Directions 21.03.2009
Gratuitous Relief 07.02.2009
Drinking Water Directions 21.03.2009
Drinking Water Through Collector 07.02.2009
Drinking Water Through PHED 07.02.2009
Cattle Feed Directions 21.03.2009
Cattle Feed 21.03.2009
Cattle Camp Directions 21.03.2009
Cattle Camp 21.03.2009
Fodder Depot Directions 21.03.2009
Fodder Depot 21.03.2009
Goshala Subsidy 23.03.2009
Goshala Subsidy 27.02.2009
Relief Work Direction 06.02.2009
State Executive Committee 15.10.2007
District Disaster Management Authority  
State Disaster Management Authority 06.09.2007/ 03.11.2007
List of Calamities By Govt. of India 28.06.2005
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Last Updated on 07-09-2021
Nodal Officer : Smt. Prabha Vyas, Asstt. Commissioner-cum-Asstt. Secretary,
DM & Relief Department,
0141-2227000 (O), 9468683600 (M), 25120 (IP)
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nodal Officer for Audit and Audit Compliance : Smt. Kalpana Agrawal, Joint Secretary,
DM & Relief Department,
0141-2227985 (O), 0141-2569834 (R), 25120 (IP)
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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